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Request for training and client assessment.

Workforce Development Eligibility Documentation

The documents below are required for client's candidacy for ITL's training and development programs:

Completed Intake Application

State Identification (i.e. Driver's license (in color if possible)

  • *If no picture ID, copy:

    • Letter of residency/lease

    • Vote registration card/doc from a government agency

    • Green card/passport

Copy of Social Security Card

Proof of Unemployment (if applicable)

  • Last Paycheck stub

  • Termination, surplus,, of Layoff Letter

Copy of proof of income

  • SNAP/TANF Benefits

  • SSI Benefits

  • Pay stub, if working

  • W2, if working

  • End of Year Tax Return

Copy of disability income (award letter)


Copy of birth certificates for child(ren) under 17 years age

Veteran (certificate of release or discharge letter)

Foster Child (letter)

Workforce Solution Client Identification Form/Identification Number

If employed salary has to be less than $37,000 to qualify


Step 1: Download the I.T.L. Intake Application

Note: Save the file on your device and open the application in a word processing application. Complete and save it back to your hard drive your firstandlastname_application.doc. Submit the file with your name.

Step 2: Upload the application and required documentation

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