We are committed to providing individualized and specialized programs to assist students and adults in navigating college and career paths that help them become emerging leaders.

To-date, we have successfully trained over 400 students and put 150+ students to work. We've accomplished this successful journey with funding through the Texas Workforce Commission and great partnerships with Dallas County Community College and Tarrant County College.


- Financial Coaching

- Certification

- Family Counseling


​- Labs



​Community Outreach

- Recruiting

- Brand Awareness

Corporate & Community Collaboration 

- Attract Employers

- Continuum of Services

- Volunteer Database

Emerging Leader

- Designed and customized for elementary through post-secondary students to build life skills.

Workforce Development

- Skill and competencies based program with focus on industry specific skills, job development, placement and retention.

Articles & Resources
Our Process

Our intake process is quick and easy. Simply reach out to office and a trained “intake specialist” will begin to create your one of a kind profile, based upon your specific needs. Client  engagement includes a 10 step process beginning with identifying employer’s job needs and ending with preparing clients for home ownership.

We conduct our programs at corporate offices, community colleges and partner offices