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How we lift up tomorrow's leaders

Employer / Client advocacy

Network with employers and learn about systemic factors impacting employability, retention, and upwards mobility for individuals from historically economically disadvantaged communities. Our programs support economic mobility for our participants while providing systems that benefir the bottom line of our partners.

Outreach and recruitment

Regular engagement with community partnerships for the purpose of providing the workforce with resource guidance, and participation in program recruitment activities. Some sources include CBOs, public service providers, high schools, churches, career fairs, and other venues.

Hybrid skills and technical training

Flagship Leadership Training - 1 WEEK
Property and Casualty Insurance Training - 5 WEEKS
Integrated Construction Training - 5 WEEKS
Office Computer Fundamentals - 7 WEEKS
IT Fundamental
s - 7 WEEKS

Financial coaching

Includes 3 workshops on Banking, Credit, and Home Ownership. There is also 1-on-1 coaching about Asset building. 

Job placement

Gives guidance on the Job Placement, which includes 1-on-1 interview training, resume building, and support with completing job applications.

Job coaching and mentorship

Occurs after job placement, and involves ongoing follow-up to promote job retention and continuous career development of individual social capital. 

Career development

After 6 months of employment, individuals are offered guidance with additional skills development and credentialing. 


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